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If you use the same values for both min-width and max-width queries, you'll end up with overlapping styles at the 1px where those queries overlap. So its preferable to have two sets of variables, one for min-width and one for max-width. There have been plenty of blog posts touting the reasons to use. Maybe there's a better way? Anyway, here's my whole breakpoint partial for your enjoyment. Sass as a CSS preprocessor, and if you've been doing responsive design for a while, you're probably already using the. For use with max-width only: / example: breakpoint(max-width: tab-l) phone-p: 319px phone-l: 479px tab-p: 639px tab-l: 769px desk: 1020px desk-full: 1079px / For use with min-width (default breakpoint mixin) / example: breakpoint(desktop) smartphone-portrait: 'screen' (phone-p 1px) smartphone-landscape: 'screen' (phone-l 1px) tablet-portrait: 'screen'. Sometimes we create such abstract code that it may add more confusion than it prevents.  To avoid this, if one media query stops at 770px, the next should start at 771px. No-Query Fallbacks, another advantage of this system: notice that the desktop variable has the no-query fallback built in, which makes compiling a separate stylesheet for IE8 much easier; more on that in a minute. What this means is you end up with one ordinary CSS file with all your media queries, as you intended, and then you have a second CSS file with *no* media queries, but instead contains a prefix class (less-than. Start with the small screen first, then expand until it looks like sh*t. For those of you playing along at home, if you have the. Time for a breakdance! min and Max Queries, now for a while, I was using these variables for both min-width and max-width queries, which wasn't noticeable at first since the majority of queries tend to be min-width, because I use a mobile-first. For me that meant that I would begin with variables like the ones below, which is a good start. That being said, it is still common that during the design process, teams will break down the design into stages for smartphones, gråhundbus berlin køreplan svane porno tablets, and desktop. Phone-p: 319px phone-l: 479px tab-p: 639px tab-l: 769px desk: 1020px (Since we're talking about Sass and breakpoints, you can follow along and see a demo. This just might be an example of that, but I thought I'd share in the hopes that perhaps someone has a cleaner way of implementing something like this! Sassmeister example open and you squish the window to tablet size, you'll see that the box is either blue or has a pink border, but never bothwhich is what we want! Time for a breakpoint! Based on size of images within that container and text wrapping around those images, your layout no longer "works" visually, or information becomes disjointed or confusing to understand. I must preface by saying that using device-based media queries *only* is not necessarily the best approach. DRY to use a max-width query, especially if you are styling a component that only appears on mobile, like a mobile menu. Sex chat norge, sengekanten chat, knulle norske jenter, kristendate no, singelturer i fjellet, gratis dating, thai eskorte oslo, dating Hamar, norsk chat, mtesteder p nett, tinder app norge, ordtak om familie, gratis dating, dating Otta. gratis video chat til ipad sex guru chat

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